[su_column]I am delighted to present our Strategic Plan: Agenda 2020 to our staff, and the wider stakeholders that we serve, including the communities that support our operations.

Agbro Poultry has a long history. 12 One marked by struggle and hardships, thanks to the highly volatile industries that the business has been operating in. Despite the innumerable hurdles, the organization has successfully expanded into multiple lines of business, all of whom have contributed significantly to Agbro’s competitive advantage and competitiveness.

As the business nears its third decade, I must say with great pride that Agbro has gotten closer to the long term objectives that were set for it over a decade ago. We have successfully expanded our market reach, both in the broiler day-old and animal nutrition markets and we aim to steadfastly work towards its further expansion.

From the beginning Agbro has been shaped by the twin goals of providing healthy white meat to Pakistanis, and constantly striving to keep prices low, so as to ensure that the masses can afford it. Our commitment to widen access to healthy meat products is as real today as it was 3 decades ago.

Agenda 2020 builds on Agbro’s tradition and reputation for providing quality products at an affordable price. While our commitments have remained unchanged, much has changed in the markets that we conduct our businesses in. From changing consumer attitudes (greater awareness regarding health issues), to an economy that is open to global economic movements, the task at hand is challenging to say the least. Furthermore, the digital economy has accelerated “change”; every aspect of our lives is being shaped by the disruptive technologies that are being unveiled at a bewildering pace. As a corollary to all these developments, our governments, business partners and the final consumers rightly expect us to deliver unmatched products and services.[/su_column]


Our commitment to widen access to healthy meat products is as real today as it was 3 decades ago.


Our role now is to deliver. Deliver on the Agbro Promise. To turn this into reality, we must seize opportunities that might not be apparent. We will have to invest heavily in research and innovative endeavors to ensure that we attain the next level of excellence. Only then can we embrace the future with open arms.

Agenda 2020 delineates a framework for the exciting years ahead. It provides the organization with a strategy that will allow it to tackle the uncertainty and many challenges that are lying in wake. It will act as a guiding force for the rest of the second decade of the twenty first century.

While we are confronted with countless challenges, I would like to take this opportunity to call on all those that have worked tirelessly to make Agbro into what it is today to join me in an effort to achieve our vision of turning this company into a highly sophisticated and values oriented organization, while maximizing the value that we generate for the wider communities that we serve.


Dr. Ali Afzal Sial

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer