Established in 1988, Agbro was amongst the first few firms to offer healthy white meat to Pakistanis. Today the organization boasts four distinct lines of business, all of which have delivered on the Agbro Promise. With our state of the art facilities, and a team of highly skilled and professional staff, we are well positioned to achieve our aspirations.

Furthermore, through our strategic plan “Determined 2020″, we aim to propel ourselves further into the industries that we operate in by increasing our offerings and improving on our current product lines. All this would be achieved through increased collaboration and cooperation, both locally and internationally.

Preparing for the future

Agbro has an enduring commitment to contribute towards employment generation. Not just for the sake of employment, but to enrich the job market with professionally sound and competent individuals. Our aspirations cannot be achieved without the people that spend countless hours to deliver the right results. It is only through their steadfast commitment to Agbro’s values and sheer hard work that the organization has achieved so much over the years.

Through adoption of modern technology and improved work practices, Agbro has had tremendous success in recent years, with impressive growth in quality and customer satisfaction. Again, this operational effectiveness and efficiency is the result of our staff who has openly embraced new methodologies and techniques.