Animal Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Solutions for Healthier Animals

What you do has purpose. Achieving your goals means getting the most out of your operation. That takes a partner you can trust. Every day, Agbro Animal Nutrition helps countless farmers put food on the plates of millions of people. Our animal nutrition and feed ingredient solutions are grounded in science and research, and tailored to the unique needs of feed manufacturers, retailers and livestock producers. Together, we provide better nutrition for better lives.

Agbro Nutrition division is led by some of the industry’s most respectable nutritionists and veterinarians. Our nutrition solutions mainly comprise of cereal grains like maize and wheat; protein meals, such as soybean meal, together with vitamins and minerals. Although the majority of our raw materials are sourced locally, some of our ingredients come from as far afield as Europe and South America.

Given the sensitivity of the animal nutrition business, our feed mill is managed under strict quality control and hygiene standards. Our entire milling operations are run in accordance with the best management practices laid out by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Furthermore, we at Agbro understand that feed is the major contributor to your cost of production. Performance and profitability is dependant on the suitability of your feeding programme. Maintaining high quality standards in selection of ingredients, feed formulation and feed manufacture directly impacts on your bottom line. By anticipating and responding to shifts in commodity cost and availability we support you in remaining competitive. Our passion is to partner you to ongoing success. Whether your interest is in Chicken meat, Breeders, Commercial egg production, or dairy production, we have solutions for you.

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Maximum production and profitability

With Agbro, you can leverage our nutrition expertise and business tools to help raise fresh, wholesome meat, milk and eggs.

Nutrition expertise for high yields

At Agbro our focus is on nutrients rather than ingredients. With our team of animal nutritionists and R&D farming units we study animal nutrition, metabolism and performance so that we can offer you a superior product. By understanding the nutrient needs of animals, we can formulate diets that help maximize profits while supporting your animals’ ability to thrive and stay healthy.

Whether you purchase compound feed or make your own, Agbro has nutrition solutions that will help boost your bottom line. Along with raw ingredients, premixes and concentrates, our team can offer services ranging from analyzing your animals’ diets to identifying and addressing any nutrient gaps. Over the years we have also devised tools to help you project animal performance and future returns.

Business strength through diverse channels

Along with unique and specifically tailored nutrition solutions, Agbro can help you get your meat, milk and eggs onto consumers’ tables. Talk to your Agbro Representative about how to put our diverse business channels to work for you.

Safety and integrity

Our work goes beyond animal nutrition and feed ingredients. It also encompasses feed safety, quality assurance of ingredients, product integrity and food safety, and the production of safe, reliable feed through standardized processes. We are committed to excellence at every step of the feed manufacturing and food production process.