Our poultry breeding farms are at the core of our operations. With over 30 years of experience in the area, we have been able to create a strong customer base for our day-old broilers, which have continuously outperformed the market when it comes to superior weight gains. With our commitment to strict adherence to biosecurity and better and healthier nutrition for our flocks, it is no surprise that Pakistani broiler farmers have opted for our day-old’s for over quarter of a century. Given its importance to the company’s strategy, our breeding operations have grown significantly over the years. Currently the company operates farming operations across Punjab.
To ensure the best quality of day-old broilers, our parent flocks are farmed under strict bio-security protocols. As a result, our flocks remain disease free and produce clean, high quality fertile eggs. Visits to our breeder farms are restricted and monitored to ensure that we minimize the risk of introducing any diseases. All our facilities have been purpose built so as to comply with both local and international standards. By closely monitoring biosecurity protocols, we have been able to take the level of antibiotics used on our flocks to a negligible level.

Given the expertise that we have acquired over the years, we are well positioned to take full advantage of the economic and population growth in the country. With an high level of protein deficiency, Agbro aims to be at the forefront when it comes to fulfilling the nutritional needs of people across the country.