Our hatcheries division enables us to produce over one million day olds per month.

Eggs received from the breeder farms are initially stored in the hatchery’s temperature controlled rooms until the eggs are required to be placed in the incubators.

On the day of hatch, the chicks are taken from the incubators to the take-off room where they are checked for quality, vaccinated, counted and in some cases separated into males and females before being placed in boxes ready to be transported to the broiler farms.

Within 6-8 hours of being removed from the incubators, all day olds are transported and placed into broiler farms. The day olds are transported to the broiler farms in specially designed temperature controlled trucks.

The quality of our day olds relies heavily on hygiene and cleanliness. We have a stringent quality assurance program in place to ensure our hatcheries are maintained in a clean and hygienic state. This program is overseen by highly qualified technical staff.